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CubMail to LionMail Migration

As part of Columbia University’s program to adopt Google Apps for Education, we will be moving your University CubMail account to LionMail, the University’s mail and calendar service. LionMail is a Gmail product uniquely tailored for Columbia University. Notable differences include an increased Inbox size, access to the Columbia directory and the absence of Google Drive, and Google Docs.

Please Note: The LionMail migration will have no effect on your Exchange email account. This change will also have no impact on the forwarding of University email to your Exchange account.

It is important to note that not all items will migrate from CubMail to LionMail, including:

• Email messages larger than 25MB

   o To find these messages, log in to CubMail before November 5 and click on the right-hand column to sort by message size.

   o Next, click on the far left or far right arrow to see the largest messages. 

  o If you have any messages larger than 25,000 KB, save the message text or attachments.

• Distribution Lists -- If you have distribution lists in your CubMail address book (address book entries with multiple contacts) copy them into a text file so that you can recreate them in LionMail.

• Google IDs with a UNI@columbia email address

• If you have a Google ID with a email address, it will become a “conflicting account” when Columbia creates your new LionMail account.

Click here for information on conflicting accounts. Please Note: you will not have to resolve a conflicting account to access LionMail.

For a complete list of items that will not migrate, click here.

What You Need to Do

Once your University CubMail account is moved to LionMail, the web interface will change along with how it will be configured on your desktop or mobile client. To access your LionMail account, please follow the instructions below:

• Go to and log in with your UNI and password.

• To reconfigure your mobile devices or desktop mail software, click here.

Please Note: You will have to reconfigure CubMail for LionMail on all devices. After the migration, you will not be able to retrieve CubMail from your mobile device or desktop client.

On the Day of Your Migration

On November 19, mail in your CubMail account will move to LionMail. If you log in to your new LionMail account before 9:00 a.m. on migration day, some of your mail may still be in the process of being moved. Not to worry! By 9:00 a.m., all mail will have moved to your new LionMail account.