CBS Research Grid

The research that drives our world class curriculum and showcases our exemplary faculty is of critical importance. From case studies to published works, researchers need access to the best tools and data that our institution can provide. Information Technology Group offers a state-of-art research server, known as CBS Research Grid, to facilitate academic research by faculty and doctoral students at the Columbia Business School. The server is a grid system based on advanced Dell servers, EMC storage, Sun grid engine, and Linux OS. The server hosts a comprehensive set of current and historical economic/financial databases and a large collection of statistic/mathematic software programs. Covered are some of the following subjects which are aimed to assist you in getting started with the new server:


Economic/Financial Databases

The new server hosts a comprehensive set of current and historical financial and economic databases. The server offers COMPUSTAT and CRSP which cover 30,000 companies and include security prices and trading volume, income, and balance sheet items. It includes I/B/E/S' analyst projections for earnings and sales. It provides stock market indices, bond prices and interest rates, mutual fund and stock ownership information, options data, and a wide array of macroeconomic time series. It also offers international data, and marketing and industry reports. The following is a quick reference chart to the most commonly used data.

For a comprehensive list and description of files and variables in databases on the new server, please click here: Comprehensive list of database families and files.

The software programs on CBS Research Grid include the most of the commonly used statistical (e.g., SAS, GAUSS, R, and STATA), mathematical (e.g., Matlab and Mathematica), and optimization (e.g., CPLEX) software applications. It also include C, Fortran, and Java compilers/interpreter. The following is a quick reference chart to the software applications. For more detailed information and instruction on how to use them on CBS faculty Grid, please click on the names of software application in the following list.

Balance sheets, income statements and other company-based financial items COMPUSTAT Industrial, Full Coverage, Research, and BackdataAnnual/Quarterly, Business Industry Segments Price, Dividends, Earnings
Stock prices and returns CRSP Monthly / Daily Stock Files, Indices files
Intraday stock price bid and ask quotes TAQ Trades and Quotes
Analysts Estimates IBES Daily Detailed History, Summary History
U.S. Treasury interest rates CRSP Bonds, Bills, and Inflation files
Bank financials COMPUSTAT Bank Annual / Quarterly
Banking industry conditions FDIC All files
U.S. Macro Economics Global Insight (formerly DRI) Annual, Quarterly and, Monthly BASIC Economics
International Economics Global Insight (formerly DRI) Annual, Quarterly and, Monthly BASIC Economics
International Firm-level data COMPUSTAT/Global Vantage Annual
Options Optionmetrics Daily
Executive Compensation COMPUSTAT/Execcomp Annual
Name of Software Applications Publisher Function
CPLEX CPLEX Optimization A tool for solving linear optimization problems
GAUSS Aptech system Inc. Mathematical and statistical analysis tools
MATHEMATICA Wolfram faculty Software system for math and science
MATLAB Mathworks Inc. Mathematical computation, analysis, visualization
R Open Source Software environment for statistical computing and graphics
SAS SAS Institute, Inc. Database management and statistic analysis
STATA StataCorp Data management and statistic analysis
Stat/Transfer Circle Systems A tool for converting data between software applications
C, C++, FORTRAN, Java Compilers


Additional Storage Options

Periodically, researchers require additional storage for their research needs that exceed the standard allotted storage(Faculty 8 GBs, PHD students 4 GBs). Contingent on available storage capacity, ITG can provide additional storage on a temporary basis for up to 30 days at no charge.

For incremental storage needs that exceed 30 days, researchers will be charged $0.10 cents per GB per month ($1.20 per year per GB). One Terabyte(1,000 GBs) of storage will cost $1,200 per year. To request additional storage, please contact your faculty support specialist.

How to Get Help

The Information Technology Group is your primary source of IT support at Columbia Business School. Please contact us at for issures related CBS Research Grid. We respond to your email within 24 hours.