Canvas COIN ICS Help

Features / Benefits:

  • The Calendar Feed offers a synchronized calendar to be displayed in your Outlook or ICS-enabled device, which you can ‘overlay’ on the calendar you already use
  • That new calendar will have appointments for class times, assignments and other items from the Canvas or COIN calendars, and make those accessible in any ICS-enabled device without having to log in to Canvas or COIN
  • The Canvas calendar items will also contain Event data which frequently includes assignment readings and relevant course information
  • With the exception of Outlook 2011 (the Mac OS version), the feed only needs to be added once; afterwards, it will reflect any changes to your course calendars, even from semester to semester

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • The new calendar through these ICS feeds is an independent calendar, it needs to be added to each device or portal (e.g., Google Calendar) where you want to view the information
  • This will not update your current calendar, instead it provides a second calendar which you can overlay over your current calendar
  • ICS will not update while you are offline.  Although the ICS feed provides a great benefit for students to know when events are happening and assignments are due, it does not replace the Canvas / COIN and students should always refer to Canvas or COIN for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Retrieve Your ICS Link:

Canvas / COIN ICS Subscription Help

Once you have the link, you can use it in each one of your devices as follows: