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Columbia Business School’s MBA program complements the Individual, Business and Society curriculum in core courses with a number of electives during the second year of the program. Elective courses that explore leadership and ethics issues in more depth and integrate relevant material across functional disciplines include the following courses:

B7553 - Managerial decision making
Instructor: Joel Brockner

B8513 - Personal leadership and success
Instructor: Hitendra Wadhwa

B8720 - Advanced Organizational Change
Instructor: Todd Jick

B8214 - Business in society: Doing well by doing good?
Instructor: Geoffrey Heal

B8299 - The Private sector and international development
Instructor: Jonas Hjort

B6501 - International Business
Instructor: Amit Khandelwal

B8349 - Finance and sustainability
Instructor: Bruce Usher

B8343 - Corporate governance: Failures, Successes, & the Impetus for and Impact of Change
Instructor: Ira Millstein

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Do economists political leanings influence their research work? The answer may surprise you. 

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