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Engaging Men, Advancing Women Workshop

 Partnering with Greatheart Leader Labs and the Center for Women and Business, Bentley University

Why do women currently hold only between 10 and 15 percent of C-suite positions in corporate America? Why are we having the same conversations about women’s role in the workplace as we did 20 years ago?    


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These are some of the questions that “Engaging Men to Advance Women in Business” seeks to address at the workshop on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at Columbia University's Faculty House (64 Morningside Drive, New York, NY 10027). The workshop will bring together male and female executives from a variety of companies. Thought-leaders and executives who lead efforts to engage men in diversity and inclusion initiatives will share their strategies and best practices for collaborative leadership. At the workshop, attendees will participate in several polling exercises, answer questions about their perceptions of how many men in their companies are engaged in gender diversity, explore the effectiveness of their companies’ efforts in engaging men, and highlight metrics for tracking progress toward gender equality.

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Please note that all workshop attendees should arrive by 11:00 AM.

10:30 AM

Registration Opens

11:00 AM

Welcome and Introduction

Katherine Phillips
Senior Vice Dean and Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics
Columbia Business School

Chris Brassell 
National Director, Office of Diversity 

11:20 AM

A Frame for Ally Development and Advanced Reciprocity

Chuck Shelton
Managing Director
Greatheart Leader Labs

Betsy Myers
Founding Director, Center for Women and Business
Bentley University

11:50 AM

Executive Panel

Corporate leaders from Cisco, PwC, Avon, and HSBC will share their personal experiences and strategies for how different companies have addressed engaging male leaders in advancing women.  

Richard H. Goldberg
Vice President, Corporate Quality,

Ken Stoler
Partner and National HR Accounting Advisory Leader,

Patrick M. Nolan
Group General Manager and Chief Executive Officer
HSBC Global Banking and Markets, Americas

Betsy Myers
Founding Director, Center for Women and Business
Bentley University


1:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:20 PM

Gender-based Breakout Discussions
Participants will divide by gender into small groups to discuss their impressions and thoughts on pressing questions such as how men should influence their male peers, what changes are needed in culture and policy, and how women should signal and build reciprocity in the workplace.

2:10 PM

Reconvene and discuss the in-group learning with mixed table groups

3:20 PM

Individual Action Planning

3:30 PM

Group Discussion of Key Takeaways

3:40 PM

Reflective Comments

Jennifer Brown
JBC Consulting

3:50 PM

An invitation to join a new research project on 'Engaging Men to Advance Women in Business'

Susan Adams, PhD
Center for Women and Business
Bentley University

3:55 PM

Closing Remarks:

Betsy Myers
Founding Director, Center for Women and Business
Bentley University

Chuck Shelton
Managing Director
Greatheart Leader Labs

4:30 PM

Networking Reception 
Bistro 1018
1018 Amsterdam Ave., New York NY 10025





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