Barbara Krumsiek Awarded 2012 Botwinick Prize

Ethics and Leadership News | November 28, 2012

Barbara Krumsiek, chair, president, and CEO of Calvert Investments, has been awarded Columbia Business School??s 2012 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics. The award was presented during a ceremony on Monday, November 26.

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Ethically Diverse

Ethics and Leadership News | September 25, 2012

Diverse firms are perceived as more ethical and less deserving of punishment when they do commit transgressions.

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How can we achieve diversity at the top?

Ethics and Leadership News | March 09, 2012

With female leadership numbers stagnating, do we need quotas to push boardroom equality?

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Tim Cook's Leadership Opportunity: Painting the Apple Green

Ethics and Leadership News | March 08, 2012

With some risk, but the prospect of great reward, Tim Cook can polish Apple as a company willing to change while emphasizing its greatest asset: the love of a design aesthetic that also meets the moral and lifestyle expectations of its customers, its fans -- and even its critics.

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A New Approach to Funding Social Enterprises

Ethics and Leadership News | March 06, 2012

Professor Bruce Kogut recently co-authored an article describing how bringing philanthropic and investment capital together effectively could increase capacity to address pressing social challenges and how savvy financial structuring would be necessary to make this work.

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Strategic Leaders Need Vision, Says General George Casey

Ethics and Leadership News | February 20, 2012

Retired general George Casey, the 36th chief of staff of the US Army, shared his expertise on strategic leadership with Columbia Business School students, including military veterans, on Tuesday, February 7, at the School.

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Report: Number of Women Executives Remains Low

Ethics and Leadership News | November 15, 2011

A new report reveals the number of women holding leadership positions in New York's top companies continues to rise at a sluggish pace.

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2011 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics Awarded to IKEA's CEO

Ethics and Leadership News | November 03, 2011

Mikael Ohlsson, president and CEO for the IKEA Group, received the 2011 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics, an annual award presented by the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics.

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Panel Highlights Need to Increase Diversity in Corporate Leadership

Ethics and Leadership News | October 13, 2011

The Student Leadership and Ethics Board brought together industry leaders and activists to discuss diversity on corporate boards.

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Henry Kravis '69: Meaningful Success Requires Integrity

Ethics and Leadership News | May 17, 2011

Henry Kravis '69 urges the School's newest alumni to take responsibility for shaping society.

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