Leadership Resources

Larry Fink, CEO, Blackrock, speaks as part of the Silfen Leadership Series.

Columbia Business School students build on the School’s offerings in leadership and ethics with their own initiatives as well as those developed under the auspices of the center, such as the Student Leadership and Ethics Board and our Annual Events.

Several prominent, student-led programs exemplify a long-standing commitment to integrating ethics into the Columbia Business School educational experience. These also include:

David and Lyn Silfen Leadership Series

The student-organized Silfen Leadership Series brings prominent business leaders to campus throughout the academic year for candid discussions about their own choices and thoughts on leadership.

Honor Board

The student-run Honor Board focuses on ethical issues relevant to student conduct on campus. The board represents student interests in discussions with the faculty and administration on ethical issues and assists in upholding the student Honor Code.

Military in Business Association

The Military in Business Association aims to serve the needs of our military students and alumni by bringing to campus speakers from various industries to discuss ways in which military experience prepared them for  a career in business.