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The Botwinick Prize in Ethics

Congratulations to David Stern, 2014 Recipient of the Botwinick Prize. Click to see photos from the event.

The Botwinick Prizes in Business Ethics and Ethical Practice in the Professions were established with a generous endowment from the late Benjamin Botwinick, BS ’26 and his wife Bessie (pictured). Each year the Botwinick Prize recognizes an outstanding leader who exhibits the highest standard of ethical conduct in business or the professions.

The Benjamin Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics is awarded to an individual or representative of a business organization exemplifying the highest standard of professional and ethical conduct. The Benjamin Botwinick Prize for Ethical Practice in the Professions is awarded to an individual or firm and recognizes ethical decision making in any of the professions, including, but not limited to, accounting, advertising, architecture, health care, journalism, law, public service and social service.

Each year, the Botwinick Prize acceptance speech is delivered to MBA students, faculty, alumni and staff. Recipients highlight ethical issues that have arisen during their career and life experiences. Topics in the past have included: lessons in ethics and corporate governance from recent corporate scandals, principles of values-based leadership with employees and communities, building reputation with authenticity, operating in developing countries, sustainable business practices to improve the environment, the role for business in tackling climate change and establishing codes of conduct to deal with bribery and corruption.

Each year Benjamin Botwinick scholarships are awarded to Columbia Business School students. The Botwinick Prizes and Scholarships reinforce Columbia Business School’s Individual, Business and Society curriculum, which emphasizes a commitment to leadership and ethics through core courses, extracurricular activities and research.

Barbara Krumsiek, Chair, President and CEO, Calvert Investments, 2012 Botwinick Prize recipient


Mikael Ohlsson, President and CEO, The IKEA Group, 2011 Botwinick Prize recipient

Past Recipients of the Botwinick Prize in Ethics include:

Business Ethics 2014:

David Stern, Commissioner Emeritus of the NBA
See video of Mr. Stern's talk. 

Business Ethics 2013:

Michael Hershman, President and CEO, The Fairfax Group
See video of Mr. Hershman's talk. 

Business Ethics 2012:

Barbara Krumsiek, Chair, President and CEO of Calvert Investments
See video of Ms. Krumsiek's talk and watch Ms. Krumsiek as part of the School's "Engaging Leaders" series. 

Business Ethics 2011:

Mikael Ohlsson, President and CEO of The IKEA Group
See video of Mr. Ohlsson's talk.

Business Ethics 2010:

Peter Blom, CEO of Triodos Bank
See video of Peter Blom's talk.

Business Ethics 2009:

Craig R. Barrett, Retired Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Intel Corporation
See video of Craig Barrett's talk.
See video interview by Jackson Hewett '10.

Business Ethics 2008:

Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GE
See video of Jeffrey Immelt's talk: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Business Ethics 2007:

Patrick Cescau, Group Chief Executive of Unilever

Business Ethics 2006:

James Sinegal, President and CEO of Costco Wholesale Corporation

Business Ethics 2005:

Joan Bavaria, founding president and chief executive officer, Trillium Asset Management

Business Ethics 2004:

Lord John Browne, group chief executive of BP p.l.c.

Ethical Practice in the Professions 2003:

William McDonough, founding partner of McDonough + Partners

Business Ethics 2002:

Russell Carson ’67, general partner of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe
Read acceptance remarks

Business Ethics 2001:

Jeffrey Swartz, president and chief executive officer of The Timberland Company

Business Ethics 2000:

Howard Schultz, chairman and chief global strategist of Starbucks

Business Ethics 1999:

Henry Kravis ’69, founding partner of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company and founder and chairman of the New York City Investment Fund

Business Ethics 1998:

J. Michael Cook, former chairman and chief executive officer of Deloitte & Touche LLP
Read more in Hermes; Read student article from the Bottom Line

Ethical Practice in the Professions 1998:

Ira Millstein, senior partner of Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
Read more in Hermes; Read student article from the Bottom Line

Business Ethics 1997:

Lord David Sainsbury ’71, former chairman of J. Sainsbury PLC and Minister for Science, United Kingdom

Business Ethics 1996:

Aaron Feuerstein, president and owner, Malden Mills Industries, Inc.

Ethical Practice in the Professions 1996:

Washington SyCip ’43, chairman, The SGV Group

Business Ethics 1995:

Eugene Lang ’40, chairman emeritus of REFAC Technology Development Corporation and founder of the "I Have A Dream" Foundation

Ethical Practice in the Professions 1995:

James Kuhn, professor emeritus of Columbia Business School

Business Ethics 1994:

Anita Roddick, cofounder and chief executive officer of The Body Shop

Business Ethics 1993:

Donald J. Weiss, president and chief executive officer of White Storage and Retrieval Systems, Inc.

Business Ethics 1992:

Muriel Siebert, president and chief executive officer of Muriel Siebert & Co., Inc.

Business Ethics 1991:

Robert Gill, vice chairman and chief operating officer of J.C. Penney Company, Inc.

Business Ethics 1989:

Elliot Lehman, cochairman of FEL-PRO, Inc.

Botwinick family with Botwinick scholarship students.


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