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Joan Bavaria

Joan Bavaria, founding president and chief executive officer, Trillium Asset Management

Joan Bavaria
Joan Bavaria

Trillium Asset Management is an employee-owned investment advisor for clients concerned with the social and environmental impacts of their investments. The company, founded by Joan Bavaria in 1982, manages approximately $800 million and donates 5% of its before-tax profits to charitable causes.

In 1981, Ms. Bavaria co-founded the Social Investment Forum, an organization engaged in socially responsible investing where she served as President for four years and as a board member for eight years. Ms. Bavaria is also the Founding Chair of CERES, a national network of investment funds, environmental organizations and other public interest groups working to advance environmental stewardship in the business sector. She served as Chair from 1989 to 2001 and is currently a member of the Board. Her additional board memberships include the Dean's Committee for International Development at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, Earth Justice Legal Defense Fund, Earthday Network, Union of Concerned Scientists and Greening of Industry Network.

Ms. Bavaria has been honored by President Mikhail Gorbachev, the City of Göteborg, Investment Advisor magazine, Scientific American magazine, Global Green USA and Green Cross International,, the New England Women Business Owners (NEWBO) and Working Women Magazine.

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