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Mikael Ohlsson

Mikael Ohlsson, CEO & President, The Ikea Group

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Mikael Ohlsson

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Mr. Mikael Olsson has been Chief Executive Officer of BWG Homes AB since 2005. Mr. Olsson serves as Chief Executive Officer of SmålandsVillan AB. He served as the President of Prevesta AB. He served as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at Myresjöhus AB. Mr. Olsson has been a Director of Gar-Bo AB since 2004. He serves as a Director of Block Watne AS and Kabe Husvagnar AB. He served as a Director of Prevesta AB since 2003 and Gar-Bo AB since 2004. Mr. Olsson worked for a number of smaller electrical contractor firms. He studied Business administration and accounting at University College, Jönköping.

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