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MS in Industrial Engineering

Nicole Wein
I am currently pursuing my Master of Science in Industrial Engineering after graduating with a Bachelors in the same field. I am a Six Sigma Green Belt with skills in process improvement, supply chain logistics, statistical data analysis, and operations research. I have working experience in both large and small manufacturing companies so I have a thorough understanding of how both types of businesses operate. I am also very self-motivated and have exceptional communication skills, both oral and written.

Back-End Programmer

Oren Finard
I am a third-year CS major (with a Math degree already finished), currently working on my BS in SEAS. I'm strongest in Python, though I know Java, C, C++, and some LISP to boot. I'm best as a back-end programmer, but if Front-End programming is crucial, I am open to taking a crash-course in Front-End programming before the course starts. In fact, the more we can hash out beforehand, the better use I can be. I also have experience in Graphic Design.