Exam Policy

Please note that make-ups are scheduled for a date after the general exam seating, but within the same OSA exam period. OSA-administered core and elective exams may be rescheduled, or taken remotely if applicable, for the following reasons:

  • Exam conflict, defined as either: 1) two final exams scheduled at the same time; 2) three or more final exams scheduled within a two-day period; or 3) two exams that occur on the same day when one exam is scheduled to last for 4.5 hours or more. These guidelines do not apply to in-class exams. 
  • Religious observance
  • Personal, medical, and family emergencies. Documentation is required for medical absences.
  • Military service. Documentation required. 
  • Court appearances, such as jury duty. Documentation required. 
  • Marriage ceremony (the student must the bride, groom, or member of the wedding party)

Summer A-term Exam Rescheduling Request Form 

Summer B-term Exam Rescheduling Request Form

Students taking a full-time MBA course looking to submit an exam rescheduling request for OSA-administered exams should submit an "exam rescheduling request form".  If you have any questions, or if an emergency arises during the exam period, please reach out directly to mbaexamconflicts@gsb.columbia.edu.

MBA students taking an EMBA course should review the EMBA Exam Policy. 

In some cases, if the exam cannot be rescheduled during the exam period or offered remotely, students may receive an IN (incomplete) for the course and must complete the exam (as well as all course requirements) within the following semester. If the required exam is not completed within the following term, an automatic grade of F is awarded for the class. Students who miss exams outside of the parameters and permissions outlined above will be considered as having an unexcused absence from the final exam.