Hi Jay! Projects vary from team to team, but one of my projects involved analyzing the performance of two of Nike's newest apparel initiatives and suggesting areas for improvement. I also worked on a cross functional project with other Nike interns to improve Nike's operational execution in key running markets. But, as a fashion student, you would probably work with a team (and on a project) that can leverage your area of expertise. There is no formula for getting an internship, but I would suggest you start by going online and creating a profile in their "community". It requires you to upload your resume and cover letter, which would get you in their system. I would also search LinkedIn to see who works at the company that you can connect with. And I didn't "meet" anyone, but I got to play basketball with LeBron James… sorta. During a week-long Nike basketball event, I volunteered at a basketball court in front of a building where he was having a meeting. When his meeting was over, he came out and started shooting some hoops on my court. It was AWESOME! -Ijeoma