Cluster G
Anjali Verghis '15
Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 10:15am

Life in Cluster G’15 is good. As I look back on our first semester at Columbia Business School (CBS), I’m thankful for the amazing people whom I’ve met and for the experiences that we’ve already shared. Not only have we spent time as classmates during every Core Course, but we have also enjoyed countless meals together, vacationed together, and supported one another through CBS Matters presentations, club events, and recruiting.

One of my favorite things about my cluster is the inspiring level of involvement. I don’t mean just in terms of activities – although it is nice that I have the option to see my classmates take leadership roles in Follies, the Columbia Women in Business annual conference, or stock pitch showcases on any given night! – but also though contributions to the cluster community. Almost all of our cluster’s events are organized by student volunteers. My cluster-mates have organized formal and informal dinners, Beach Olympics in Puerto Rico, a ski trip to Vermont, a planned 2014 trek to Oktoberfest, and a holiday party. In a play on the coveted Chazen trips – study tours to other countries during school breaks, co-organized by students and the Chazen Institute – our cluster has held a few of our own “treks” – to Brooklyn, the Upper East Side, and a Russian restaurant!

The cluster experience has been very important to me at CBS. From day one, I’ve had an incredibly supportive group of people – a microcosm of the greater Columbia community – to help guide me through the first few months of business school. I’m excited to see what the second semester brings!



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