EMBA Excursions
Pictures from Munich and Oktoberfest
Ashley LeMaire ’14
Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 9:30am

Although I spend most Saturdays on Morningside Heights as an EMBA Saturday student, one of the huge perks of our program is the opportunity to travel.

Some trips are smaller and organized by students. For example, on our first President’s Day weekend together, a fleet of carpooling students drove up to Killington, VT with skis and snowboards (we have also traveled to the Hamptons, Lake Tahoe, and Saratoga)!

Some trips are larger and organized through the EMBA program. After completing the core curriculum, all EMBA students sign up for International Seminars. I decided to go to Munich, Germany. Soon after, a large group of my classmates began preparing for their International Seminar to Turkey. As I learned about their trip I realized I was wanted to visit Turkey as well! The great news about International Seminars is that the school allows you to go on more than one! Within a week, I had an eleven hour flight, cave hotel, bathhouse, and hot air balloon excursions booked for my International Seminar to Turkey!

International Seminar to Turkey

My original International Seminar to Munich was also amazing! We were given behind the scenes access to Oktoberfest and also enjoyed being inside the tents. Over ten thousand people gathered in each tent each day, spending billions of dollars on festivities. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the BMW Welt, where we saw a motorcycle drive up the stairs and across the entire showroom.  We still had time to see Fairytale castles, listen to Oompah music, and try schnitzel! 

It is almost time for graduation but we still have one trip left. The class (via survey) is planning a post-graduation trip.  We will be off to see a new part of the world very soon!



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