December Follies Show
Kristin Johnson ’14
Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 3:45pm

Have you ever wanted to dress up like your favorite Columbia Business School administrator? Or show off your dance moves to your favorite club hits in front of all your Columbia Business School classmates? Then CBS Follies, a completely student-run comedy and entertainment group that puts on a show at the end of each semester, just might be for you.   

CBS Follies burst onto the scene in 2006 with the YouTube hit “Every Breath Bernanke Takes” and has grown to a collection of over 150 videos all available on the CBS Follies YouTube page. The club is open for any student to join, regardless of their particular skills or talents, and is 60 students strong. Our members attend rehearsal every Sunday during the semester (don’t worry — two absences are allowed… they’re not crazy!). Students say Sunday rehearsals are their favorite time of the week and that they have met some of their best friends through the club.  Membership in the club goes beyond the show and rehearsals — the Follies also party together! The annual Karaoke Party, Folloween Party, and the show’s After Party are some of the biggest and most fun events of the year at Columbia Business School.

The Follies creative process starts on day one, otherwise known as “Pitch Day.” At this rehearsal anyone is allowed to come in front of the club and pitch their idea. After pitch day the board members compile all the ideas and distribute a ballot for members to vote on their favorite concepts and song parodies. Then the writing begins. Through group brainstorms and designated “script captains” the chosen ideas start to take shape.

At rehearsals, members read the scripts out loud and give their feedback to the writers. It’s a long, hilarious process, but eventually the scripts are complete and it’s time to start filming. About halfway through the semester auditions are held and cast members show their stuff to the co-presidents who decide which roles people will play and when the skits are filmed. Combined with Follies Dance (an audition dance crew at CBS) and Juranimal (a live band named after Stats Professor, David Juran) the show runs about 2 hours and incorporates live skits and musical numbers with the prerecorded sketches and music videos. It’s a great time. To learn more about CBS Follies and get updates on their upcoming shows become a fan on Facebook at


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