Last Weekend
Anthony Hsiao '14
Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 12:15pm

Last weekend, I attended the wedding of one of my closest family friends. Coincidentally, it was the first time since starting at Columbia Business School (CBS) that I had seen my friends and family from back home. The trip was a short one; I flew out of Newark Friday night and flew back into JFK Sunday morning. Between attending a leadership workshop on Friday morning, purchasing a gift for the bride in the afternoon (I know I know, very last minute of me), and even squeezing in a game of pick-up basketball before heading to the airport, my Friday was frenetic, but not at all atypical of the CBS lifestyle.

When I arrived at the wedding reception, I was thrilled to see my parents and friends that I hadn’t seen for so long. We exchanged the usual pleasantries, and the conversation soon turned to what I had been up to since we had last spoken. I told them that, since January, I had started a new company, pitched my entrepreneurial venture at the headquarters of Morgan Stanley, listened to Jamie Dimon and George Soros give speeches on our campus, spent an amazing spring break with new friends in Costa Rica, and played full contact rugby for the first time in my life, all the while shouldering a full MBA course load.

If you know anyone at CBS, you’ll realize that my exploits are not at all uncommon here on campus. In fact, I know classmates that are leading lives that make mine look dull and mundane in comparison. Yet, while retelling my stories among loved ones back in the “real world”, I realized how amazing the CBS experience really is. Every day at Columbia, I am surrounded by brilliant people, exposed to fantastic opportunities, and supported by the limitless resources of the University. Taking a step back and reflecting, I am fully appreciative of how truly blessed my classmates and I are.


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