Meeting Dan Loeb
Scott Dempsey ’13
Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 1:15pm

A great part of Columbia Business School (CBS) is that our location provides unique access to mix academic training with practical experience. For a final project in Security Analysis with Professor Michael Mauboussin, I worked with a team of classmates to prepare a stock pitch to Dan Loeb, the managing partner of Third Point LLC, a $12 billion hedge fund based in New York. Our presentation required us to use the financial analysis learned in the class to create a coherent and convincing thesis. This was particularly challenging because the stock we analyzed was Tesoro, an oil and gas company in the western United States that Loeb's fund had a significant stake in.

After the presentation, we received constructive feedback -- both from Mr. Loeb and the analyst from Third Point who had covered Tesoro.  After this feedback, Mr. Loeb spoke. for the remainder of class, answering questions about his investment philosophy. I was thankful for the opportunity to not only hear his views, but to also hear what he thought about ours.  Opportunities to meet and learn from people like Dan Loeb are part of what has made my Columbia MBA experience so valuable.  Now that I have graduated, I’m looking forward to applying the skills that I have learned in my professional career.  



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