My Summer Internship, Then and Now
A picture of me enjoying L.E.K training!
Martha Hughes '14
Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 10:00am

This summer I interned at L.E.K Consulting’s New York City office, a position I landed with the help of the Career Management Center during my first year at Columbia Business School (CBS).

Prior to attending CBS, I worked in corporate finance for Quest Diagnostics Inc. where I gained strong analytical and communication skills. However, I knew I wanted to find a summer internship where I could further develop my people and project management skills. After speaking to several mentors, I decided to pursue an internship in consulting.

 My internship started by meeting all of the Summer Consultants (MBAs) and Summer Associates (undergrads) from the North America practice and training with them at Wentworth by the Sea Resort in New Castle, New Hampshire. I was extremely impressed by the level of training and the knowledge I gained during this short week!

Following the training, we returned to our home offices and began our assignments with a welcome breakfast with the entire office. I was introduced to my case team and assigned to an engagement for a biotech company taking an exciting new prescription drug to market.  During this four-week case, we completed a market sizing and segmentation of the prospective patient base and created a detailed revenue forecast as well as a valuation analysis for the drug’s potential. This project was particularly exciting to me because it was a very high-level strategy project with many unknowns that we had to clarify with our research efforts. As a part of this research we interviewed over 25 physicians to elicit their opinions on the disease our drug targeted as well as the drug’s potential. Interviewing the physicians and using their knowledge to drive the assumptions in our model was particularly rewarding.  I feel extremely fortunate that I was able to learn so much in just a few weeks at L.E.K. I was thrilled to discover how collegial and supportive the staff is. I am grateful for the entire experience.

I’m now using the experiences I gained during my summer internship in my second year classes. I’ve found that the knowledge I learned this summer has informed my ability to structure problems and has become especially helpful in managing group project work. In particular, it has really helped me in my Strategy Consulting Skills and Consulting 102 courses. I am excited to return to L.E.K. Consulting next fall after my graduation!

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