Representing CBS at the Israeli MBA Fair
Alums Nir Kurtz (’09) and Maya Mandel (’13) speaking to prospective students at the 2013 MBA Fair in Tel Aviv (photo courtesy of EducationUSA)
Maya Mandel '13
Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 9:00am

During my time as a Columbia Business School student I had the pleasure to share my experience with dozens of prospective students through Hermes coffee chats / class visits / emails / phone calls, Columbia Connect events, and even the Tel Aviv Information Session I organized between my first and second year.  I also signed up to be an Alumni Ambassador and interview applicants now that I’m no longer on campus.  I absolutely love taking an active part in such an important process that shapes the School’s community today and my alumni network in the future.

Last week I represented CBS officially for the first time as an alumna at the Israeli MBA Fair hosted by EducationUSA at the Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv.  Hundreds of young professionals came to learn about their American MBA dream.  Never before have I met puzzled prospective students so early in the admissions process (and it was really awesome to see old friends in the crowd as well).

I really enjoyed staffing the CBS booth and having some personal interaction with the attendees.  I was often asked what makes CBS better than the other top programs.  My answer to that was that I applied only to CBS, so it is hard to say, but that CBS has been the perfect fit for me; the experience I had as a member of the incredible community at CBS, in the most amazing city in the world, is priceless.

(photo courtesy of EducationUSA)

It was amazing to chat with a CTO from a startup that wasn’t really picking up, who thought she’d go to business school to become a consultant for a few years before eventually starting her own venture.  She was absolutely thrilled when I told her about the resources and support she’d have at CBS to launch her own startup while at school – Lion’s Lab during her first year, the Morningside Incubator for her summer, the Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Master Class for her second year, and the Columbia Business Lab for the year following graduation – just to name a few.  It’s really a tremendous honor to live 6,000 miles away from Uris Hall and get prospective students so excited about the endless opportunities they’ll have as Columbia Business School students.

Your MBA journey begins months, and probably years, before you walk onto campus as an MBA candidate.  It’s an exciting time with endless possibilities – make the most out of it and have fun!



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