Ski Trip to Jackson Hole
Ski Trip to Jackson Hole
Alex Melecki '14
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 12:15pm

My name is Alex Melecki. I’m a former change management consultant interested in a career in strategy. I will be keeping you updated through Voices about my life at Columbia. Having moved to New York just this summer for school, I’m currently madly in love with my life here as part of the Columbia community.

They say business school is about new experiences, and a few weeks ago, one of those turned out to be sampling various perfectly cooked and seasoned wild-game meats at a restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The annual ski trip is one of the great Columbia Business School traditions. This year, approximately 200 students, including 20 of my cluster-mates, ventured out west to ski, socialize, and reminisce about our first semester. That’s how I found myself sitting with 20 good cluster friends, people I didn’t even know at the beginning of August, eating wild boar, venison, and bison steak – all paired with glasses of oaky cabernet.

As we finished our entrees, someone proposed that we go around the table and recount our favorite moments from first semester. People began chiming in, talking about orientation, Follies, and just random classes or nights out in New York. When they got to me, I talked about our cluster’s karaoke night in K-Town and my learning team’s rendition of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”. Columbia Business School takes special care to organize diverse learning teams, but that diversity certainly doesn’t extend to vocal talents. My team is composed of energetic, yet terrible singers from many personal and professional backgrounds.

I’m back in New York now, navigating the on-campus job interview process. It’s involved and sometimes stressful, but I can’t imagine going through it without the support of my Columbia friends and the school’s community as a whole.

I look forward to providing you with updates throughout this semester. Good luck finding the right MBA program for you, and I hope to see you at Columbia next year!



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