Th+nk CBS: It's All About The People
Dean Glenn Hubbard leading off the first-ever Th+nk CBS event
Maya Mandel '13
Monday, April 22, 2013 - 4:00pm

Organizing events takes a lot of work: coordinating the speakers, locking down a venue, managing sponsors and budget, publishing invites to the student body, handling the RSVP lists, ordering food and drinks, etc.  But all this hard work is beyond rewarded when your peers participate and genuinely appreciate a job well done, and you know you made a little difference in the Columbia Business School community.

Because it’s really all about the people.

Last week I sat through one of the most fascinating sessions I’ve had at School.  My cluster-mate Paula Castilho made a new Columbia Business School tradition happen: Th+nk CBS.

Paula described how the initiative started: “I walked into an I+CBS Board meeting earlier this year, frustrated that I had been out-bid for a popular class. In that meeting we began brainstorming what events to hold. The idea for Th+nk CBS emerged – an open forum where top professors at School could come and share their knowledge with the students in 15 minutes, showcasing what is best at CBS!”

At the first event, five professors spoke about the intersection of economics, finance, leadership, innovation…  and people. Even though I had already taken classes taught by three of the speakers, I was glued to my chair and secretly wished (as a second year student) that I had another year before graduation.

Events like Th+nk CBS are always a team effort, as Paula explained: “I met with OSA (Office of Student Affairs) and the GBA (Graduate Business Associaton) to pitch the idea and get the administration on board. Dean of Students Nayla Bahri and the GBA VP of Academics Alia Smith, to name a few, were extremely supportive from the beginning. Dean Hubbard was also excited with the idea and managed to clear his schedule in short notice. When inviting the professors, I was overwhelmed with the positive response.”

Everybody loved Th+nk CBS.

Second year student David Lerman posted this on our class Facebook page

The leaders, the participants, the engagement – the people – this is what makes it all worth it.

I can’t wait already for the next Th+nk CBS event later this month!



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