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Speakers & Panels

Charles Collier '98, President and General Manager, AMC

Throughout the year, the Media Management Association organizes a variety of speaker events including small lunch sessions with a professor or media executive, larger speaker events at lunchtime or in the evening, and panel discussions.

2013-2014 Speaker Events:

  • September 17 — Jeff Zucker, President CNN Worldwide
  • September 30 — Charlie Collier '98, President & General Manager AMC
  • October 22 — Matt Blank, Chairman & CEO Showtime
  • February 6 — Ron Meyer, Vice Chairman, NBCUniversal
  • February 17 — Todd Yellin, VP Product Innovation, Netflix
  • April 9 — John Skipper, President, ESPN and Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks
  • April 15 — Mark Thompson, CEO, The New York Times
  • April 17 — John Sykes, President, Clear Channel Entertainment

Past speaker events:

  • Media M & A Panel featuring William Bardeen, SVP of The New York Times, James Burtson, SVP of Time Warner, and David Shaw, Treasurer and SVP of Thomson Reuters
  • Glenn Britt, CEO Time Warner Cable
  • Jimmy Soni, Managing Editor of the Huffington Post Media Group
  • James Schamus, CEO Focus Features
  • Nick Denton, Gawker founder and President
  • Julian Brodsky, Co-Founder of Comcast and Comcast Venture
  • Lunchtime Discussion with Columbia Business and Law Association: Tom Rogers (CLS ’79), CEO and President, TiVo, Inc. and Founder of CNBC
  • Lunchtime Discussion with MMA, Gil Schwartz, SVP and Chief Communications Officer, CBS
  • Evening Speaker: Yoichi Wada, President and CEO, Square Enix Holdings Company on "Video Games & the Shaping of Industrial Transformation"
  • Lunch & Learn, Ira Deutchman, Professor of Professional Practice, Graduate Film Division of the School of the Arts at Columbia University and Managing Partner of Emerging Pictures
  • Lunch & Learn, Sandra Schulberg, Adjunct Professor, Graduate Film Division of the School of the Arts at Columbia University
  • Luncheon Panel "Is Big Media Bad" with Columbia University Professors Jonathan Knee, Eli Noam, James Stewart, and Timothy Wu
  • Luncheon Speaker, Brian Murray, CEO Harper Collins
  • Luncheon Speaker, Jeff Zucker, President & CEO, NBC Universal
  • Luncheon Speaker, Eric Hippeau, CEO, Huffington Post
  • Luncheon Speaker, Henry Blodget, CEO, Business Insider
  • Evening Speaker, Dan Doctoroff, President, Bloomberg LP
  • Evening Speaker, Chris Laughlin, CEO, TravelZoo
  • Luncheon Speaker, Tom Dooley, COO, Viacom
  • Evening Speaker, Matt Egol '98, VP, Booz & Company


October 1, 2014

New York City Media Seminar Series: Przemyslaw Jeziorski (UC Berkeley)

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October 2, 2014

Mentoring breakfast with Stephen Richard '00, SVP, Business Development and Operations, Global Merchandising Group, National Basketball Association (by invitation only)


November 12, 2014

Mentoring breakfast with Chantal Restivo-Alessi '93, Chief Digital Officer, HarperCollins Publishers (by invitation only)

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