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Faculty with expertise across disciplines shape the Media and Technology Program curriculum and research, and practitioners bring real-world scenarios into the classroom every week.

Research Seminars

The New York City Media Seminar Series is a new initiative sponsored by the Media and Technology Program and the Associated Press, and organized by Lisa George (Hunter College) and Miklos Sarvary (Columbia Business School).

The goal of the seminar series is to link economists working on media topics in the greater New York area by providing a regular forum for discussion.  The seminar is open to all researchers with access to New York City and draws speakers from across the US and abroad.

The preliminary 2014-2015 schedule is:

Seminars are held the first Wednesday of each month during the academic year at the midtown headquarters of the Associated Press at 450 W. 33rd Street. The sessions begin at 10am with coffee, followed by a 90-minute presentation and discussion.  Participants are welcome to join the speaker and organizers for lunch.

For more information, please contact Miklos Sarvary at Columbia Business School ( Past years' seminar topics can be explored here.


Featured Media

John Skipper, President, ESPN & Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks, shares his insights into how to succeed in the media business.

NYC Media Seminars

Linking economists working on media topics in the greater New York area by providing a regular forum for discussion.

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