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How Many Media Economists Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

Media Mentions | March 20, 2014

Prof. Ave Seave says that the New York City Media Seminar Series, sponsored by the School’s Media Program and organized by Prof. Miklos Sarvary, offers academics from a diverse set of fields the chance to come together and analyze the drivers of industry dynamics in detail.

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Could Digital Tipping Make You More Generous?

Media Mentions | March 19, 2014

Prof. Stephan Meier explains why mobile credit card readers such as Square Wallet are leading to a surge in tipping for the businesses that use them.

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M.B.A.s Flock to Tech Scene

Media Mentions | March 18, 2014

Andrew Toledo ’09 says that for an MBA grad, an offer in the tech industry or at a startup is an opportunity “to bring someone with structured thinking into a more chaotic environment.” The article also mentions Gwyn Welles ’13 and Regina Resnick, associate dean and managing director, Career Management Center.

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Why Comcast Streaming House of Cards Will Help Netflix

Media Mentions | March 17, 2014

Prof. Ava Seave argues that selling competitors the distribution rights to older episodes of House of Cards will actually help Netflix in the long run, as fans who sample the show on a per–episode basis eventually switch to a more cost–effective Netflix subscription.

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Columbia’s Hubbard: More MBAs Becoming Entrepreneurs

Media Mentions | March 14, 2014

Dean Glenn Hubbard says that as New York City becomes a major player in the tech scene, MBA graduates are increasingly choosing startups and tech entrepreneurship over a more traditional job on Wall Street.

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When It Comes to Twitter Followers, Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Media Mentions | March 14, 2014

Prof. Olivier Toubia says that simply amassing Twitter followers in order to have a larger social media footprint is not as effective as building a smaller, more involved base.

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IBM Seeks Brand Benefit from Watson

Media Mentions | March 12, 2014

At BRITE ’14, IBM’s John Kennedy told delegates that the company is hoping to use Watson, its cognitive computing service, to personalize its brand for consumers.

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The Pain of Paying: How Technology Tricks You into Tipping More

Media Mentions | March 12, 2014

Prof. Stephan Meier says that the “huge psychological difference” between paying with cash versus paying with credit or debit cards accounts for why customers are more likely to tip when using mobile card–reading apps.

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Shared Spectrum: Tell the FCC to Keep Some Wireless Spectrum Free

Media Mentions | March 06, 2014

Prof. Raul Katz’s research shows that shared wireless spectrum contributed $222 billion to the US economy last year including $36 billion in direct savings to customers.

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Students and Teachers Drawn to the Bright Lights of Film

Media Mentions | March 02, 2014

Prof. Miklos Sarvary, director of the Media Program, says that MBA students are increasingly drawn to the film industry and other media fields, but that breaking into the business is heavily dependent on networking compared to financial services and other more traditional MBA career paths.

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April 15, 2014

Mark Thompson, President & CEO, The New York Times Company (by invitation only)


April 17, 2014

John Sykes, President, Clear Channel Entertainment Enterprises (by invitation only)


April 29, 2014

Mentoring breakfast with Alan Stein '05, Global Head of Advertising Technology, Media Services, Google (by invitation only)


May 7, 2014

New York City Media Seminar Series: Tamas David-Barrett (Oxford University)

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