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During their time at Columbia Business School, students with an interest in media and technology can take advantage of a diverse set of courses, independent studies with media and technology companies, and an active student association.

Student Clubs

Media Management Association (MMA)

With over 200 members, the student-run Media Management Association plays an active role in the program, planning an annual conference and organizing a variety of media-focused events on and off campus. Working closely together, the MMA and Media and Technology Program regularly organize events that enable students to interact with industry leaders and alumni, including:

Technology Business Group (TBG)

The Technology Business Group provides a social and professional community for MBA students interested in making a difference in all business aspects of technology. Their activities — including dinners, panels, speakers, conferences, and more — explore the immediate issue of how technology has and will continue to change the way the world does business. TBG members come from technical backgrounds ranging from computer hardware, software, and high technology to e-commerce, telecommunications, and digital media. Student functional interest and expertise is also broad and includes business development, strategy, product development, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, and finance. Last years' events included: Silicon Valley Trip; Cyberposium at Harvard Business School; Private dinners with tech executives, and industry speakers, such as palmOne CEO Ed Colligan, IBM Senior VP of Strategy Bruce Harreld, RIM Chairman and CEO James Balsillie, and RedHat CEO Matt Szulik.

Sports Business Association (SBA)

The Sports Business Association exists to foster interest in the business of amateur and professional sports by providing a forum for the study and discussion of various aspects of the sports industry, including sports finance, sports management (team and league), and other matters related to the operations of sports businesses.


Featured Media

John Skipper, President, ESPN & Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks, shares his insights into how to succeed in the media business.

NYC Media Seminars

Linking economists working on media topics in the greater New York area by providing a regular forum for discussion.

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