Frequently Asked Questions

You must take an extra elective from the financial economics list to make up for the overlapping financial accounting or corporate finance class.

No, the two courses are not the same. Only BUSI W3013 counts for the Special Concentration in Business Management.

Yes — a link to the application will be available on the application information page.

Barnard students are not eligible for acceptance into the Special Concentration in Business Management. They are able to take classes in the program for elective credit, but Barnard does not recognize the special concentration as a formal program of study.

We consider grades, difficulty of coursework taken, essay, faculty reference, work experience and co-curricular activities. The admission committee will be particularly interested to see the rationale for pursuing the Special Concentration in Business Management that you include in your essay — i.e., why you think it will be particularly beneficial for you in light of your academic and professional plans.

All classes for the Special Concentration in Business Management must be taken for a letter grade. Your options are 1) petition to uncover the grade; 2) take a different course that is acceptable (e.g., students who took ECON W1105 as pass/fail may take ECON W3211 or ECON W3213 instead); or 3) retake the course for a letter grade.

The core business courses for the Special Concentration in Business Management are not offered in the summer. For prerequisite and elective courses, please check with the respective departments. Remember that transfer credit is only accepted for prerequisite courses.

No — Columbia College, General Studies, and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science do not accept credit for these courses, and neither can we.

AP and transfer credits are only accepted for prerequisite courses and only according to the policies of Columbia's respective departments. Core and elective courses must be taken at Columbia or Barnard. Specifically, the only AP credits accepted are the following:

  • For the ECON W1105 requirement, students must have received at least one 4 and one 5 on the AP Intermediate Micro and Macro halves of the exam.
  • For the statistics requirement, students must have received a score of 5 on the AP Statistics exam.
  • The AP credits will be considered as "B+ or better" if the above criteria are met.

The next application period will start January 2018.

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