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Smarter Ads for Smartphones: When They Do and Don't Work

Press Release | July 15, 2014

Study demystifies effectiveness of smartphone ads; offers marketers tips

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Wei Jiang Named Director of Chazen Institute

School News | July 11, 2014

Wei Jiang, the Arthur F. Burns Professor of Free and Competitive Enterprise in the Finance and Economics Division, has been appointed Director of the School’s Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business.

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Are You Seen as a Jerk at Work? A New Study Reveals That Many People Are Oblivious to How They Come across to Counterparts and Colleagues

Press Release | June 30, 2014

Columbia Business School research highlights the disconnect between peoples’ own views and their counterparts’ views of their assertiveness—and the impact it can have on negotiations

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New Insights on the Factors That Intensified the 2008 Financial Crisis

Press Release | June 30, 2014

Columbia Business School study says analysts’ concerns about fair value accounting clouded the already murky waters, fueling the crisis

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Columbia Business School Entrepreneurs Enter the Shark Tank

School News | June 16, 2014

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Incubating Impact: Why a New York City Program's Pairing MBAs and Social Enterprise

Media Mentions | June 11, 2014 | Forbes

Nell Debevoise ’12 and Yael Silverstein ’13 founded Inspire Impact, a 10–week program that pairs MBA students with nonprofits and for–profit mission–driven companies, provides a business advisory service and a competitive boost to social enterprise.

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What Elite Universities Can Learn from High Fashion

Media Mentions | June 11, 2014 | Marketplace Radio

Prof. Mark Cohen says that elite universities, like high–fashion designers, must find a way to reach more people while still retaining their status of exclusivity and without diluting their brand.

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Some Scary Practices Return to US Property Market, but the Bubbles Are Overseas

Media Mentions | June 11, 2014 | CNBC

Prof. Shang–Jin Wei says that because most Chinese “tend to rely on savings and their children for financial security” instead of the retirement plans and social safety nets that are available to Americans, a crash in the Chinese housing market would not do the same damage as the US property market’s bust did in 2008.

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Slow Your Judgments on Fast Trading

Media Mentions | June 10, 2014 | Bloomberg View

Prof. Charles Jones’s research shows that both price impact and slippage in large–cap US stocks has fallen slightly since high–frequency trading entered the market.

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Why American B-School Students Can't Stand Teamwork

Media Mentions | June 06, 2014 | Bloomberg Businessweek

Mark Broadie, vice dean for curriculum and instruction, says that professors have become “craftier at holding students accountable” in group projects, ensuring that each student is adequately prepared.

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