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University Professors Awarded 2014 Eccles Prize

School News | April 11, 2014

Two University professors have been awarded the 2014 George S. Eccles Prize for Excellence in Economic Writing.

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Columbia Announces 63 Winners of First-Ever Columbia Startup Lab Contest

Press Release | April 10, 2014

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All-Star Pitchers Will Hate Instant Replay, According to New Research from Columbia Business School

Press Release | March 31, 2014

Columbia Business School Professor Reviews Data of Nearly 800K MLB Pitches and Finds ‘Star-Struck’ Umpires Show Bias in Favor of All-Star Pitchers

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Event Connects Endowed Professors, Alumni

School News | March 31, 2014

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Columbia Business School Community Gives Back to Local Community Through Inaugural Day of Impact

Press Release | March 27, 2014

Students, faculty, and staff showcase their passion for making a difference outside the classroom through ten community service projects throughout New York City

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New Research Proves Gender Bias Extraordinarily Prevalent in Stem Careers

Press Release | March 19, 2014

Columbia Business School experiments show that hiring managers chose men twice as often for careers in science, technology, engineering and math

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Alumni Connect at Corporate Gatherings

School News | March 17, 2014

This winter, three corporate gatherings were held, enabling Columbia Business School alumni to connect, hear from special guests, and talk with leaders from the School.

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Katherine Phillips Named Senior Vice Dean

School News | March 13, 2014

Effective July 1, 2014. Phillips will succeed Gita Johar, the Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business, whose three-year term as senior vice dean is ending.

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Ad Campaigns Are Finally Reflecting Diversity of U.S.

Media Mentions | March 10, 2014 | Ad Age

David Rogers, executive director of BRITE, says that major brands are learning that a growing number of Americans value companies that “explicitly affirm their acceptance of diversity.”

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Study: Women Who Can Do Math Still Don’t Get Hired

Media Mentions | March 10, 2014 | The New York Times

Prof. Ernesto Reuben’s research shows that both male and female managers retain implicit biases against female job candidates in STEM fields even when presented with hard evidence of women’s abilities.

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