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How to Tell if You’re a Jerk at Work

Media Mentions | February 22, 2015 | The Wall Street Journal

Professors Daniel Ames and Abbie Wazlawek discuss why crucial self-awareness is in the workplace and how you can tell if you’re being a jerk at work. 

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5 Ways to Invest Smarter at Any Age

Media Mentions | February 20, 2015 | Money

Research by Professor Michaela Pagel finds that paying less attention to retirement portfolios may actually pay off in larger returns in the future.

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Science Says Giving a 'Bolstering Range Offer' Will Get You the Biggest Raise

Media Mentions | February 19, 2015 | Business Insider

New research from Professors Daniel Ames and Malia Mason shows that using certain range offers, particularly a bolstering range offer, could give you better results than simply asking for a specific number.

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A Muddle of Mixed Messages from the Fed

Media Mentions | February 18, 2015 | The Wall Street Journal

Professor Charles Calomiris suggests how the Federal Reserve should communicate its outlook and intentions.  

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Obama's Website Isn't Consumer-Friendly Enough, Experts Say

Media Mentions | February 18, 2015 | International Business Times

Professor Eric Johnson and fellow researchers discuss how to redesign to better meet the needs of insurance shoppers. 

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When It Comes to an Opening Number, Sometimes the Best Bargaining Move Is to Offer Two

Press Release | February 17, 2015

New research from Columbia Business School challenges the conventional wisdom offered by a generation of negotiation scholars

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This Simple Rebalancing Strategy Will Bring Harmony to Your Portfolio

Media Mentions | February 12, 2015 | U.S. News & World Report

Professor Michaela Pagel says keeping your focus on your portfolio strategy, not the markets, will help you keep your equilibrium and attain better outcomes in the long-run.

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Lord Laidlaw Donates $2 Million for Scholarships

School News | February 12, 2015

The gift supplements need-based scholarships and increases travel opportunities.

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The Logic of an Empty $100 Million Pad

Media Mentions | February 10, 2015 | The New York Times

Professor Chris Mayer says when it comes to the recent trend of New York's luxury real estate trophy properties, what matters is the amount of properties available and the number of people looking at them.

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Diving Back into the Intern Pool before B-School

Media Mentions | February 04, 2015 | The Wall Street Journal

Current student Remy Agamy '16 talks about the value of her pre-MBA internship and how it helped her land an opportunity with one of the biggest names in American womenswear. 

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