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December 21, 2007

Manhattanville Expansion Approval Marks First Step in Business School Transformation

The New York City Council officially approved the University’s construction of a new uptown campus, which will allow the business school to powerfully broaden its resources.

Topics: Real Estate

On the evening of December 19, the New York City Council voted in favor of Columbia University’s plans for expansion into the Manhattanville area of West Harlem.

The new uptown campus, which according to President Lee Bollinger will conform to the “highest standards of architectural and urban design, and environmental sustainability,” will be the new home for Columbia Business School. All offices, divisions and centers will move into a larger facility at this location once construction is completed in approximately five years.

According to Dean Glenn Hubbard, “the new facility will dramatically transform the School’s environment… it will enable us to vastly increase our space, remove physical constraints, and empower collaborative research.”