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August 11, 2008

David DeCicco Named Associate Dean for Marketing and Communications

He will be responsible for developing Columbia Business School’s comprehensive strategic marketing and communications plan.

On August 11, 2008, David DeCicco took office as the new Associate Dean for Marketing and Communications. He will be responsible for developing a School-wide, comprehensive communications and marketing plan that builds upon the initiatives of the past few years, such as the launch of the School’s new Web site and Public Offering blog, recent advertising campaign and global branding efforts.

DeCicco joins CBS from New York University Medical Center, where as marketing director he oversaw strategic branding and marketing initiatives, management of advertising creative and marketing collateral, in addition to orchestration of institution-wide messaging and communication. He also extended the reach of the Center’s medical staff through the use of satellite radio, web communications and other media.

"I look forward to the challenge of crafting a strategy that employs
innovative tactics to further polish and extend Columbia Business
School's impressive brand," DeCicco said. "Telling the story of Columbia
Business School and the people who make it what it is today, is all the
more meaningful and rewarding because there is real substance and heft
to back-up the message."

DeCicco also offers several years of leadership experience in Washington, D.C., where he shaped communications programs for national advocacy and political organizations. He served as vice president of the Victory Fund and Leadership Institute, a political action committee and leadership development organization supporting progressive public officials. Prior to that, he was communications director at Youth Service America, promoting the value of volunteer community service and service-learning programs by managing the organization’s national media campaign.

“With his impressive record of effective leadership in marketing and communications, Dave is well positioned to ensure continued progress in clearly articulating and broadly promoting the value of Columbia Business School,” said Dean Glenn Hubbard.

DeCicco is an alumnus of Ithaca College and earned a Master of Public Administration degree at George Washington University School of Business and Public Management.

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