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Media Mentions

Global Banking Recruiters Return to Campus

Media Mentions | June 28, 2015 | The Financial Times

Gina Resnick, associate dean for the Career Management Center, comments on how MBAs view investment banking in today’s challenging job market.

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Class of 2015: The Best Executive MBAs

Media Mentions | June 25, 2015 | Poets & Quants

Karl Blunden ’15 and Jolly Mazumdar ’15 are featured on Poets and Quants’ list of the top 30 executive MBA graduates from the class of 2015.

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Economics Gets Real

Media Mentions | June 23, 2015 | Bloomberg View

Research by Professor Emi Nakamura investigates the idea that price “stickiness,” the inability of prices to adjust to changing economic conditions, is a big factor in causing recessions.

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How the U.S. Can Return to 4% Growth

Media Mentions | June 21, 2015 | The Wall Street Journal

Dean Glenn Hubbard co-authors byline outlining actions needed to restore economic growth in the United States.

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Silicon Valley's Plan to Be More Diverse

Media Mentions | June 19, 2015 | CNN Money

Professor Katherine Phillips says that the way to fix Silicon Valley’s diversity problem is to make existing employees feel more comfortable raising issues without consequence, and having the right and ability to offer solutions.

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Policy Instability Deterred Investment in India: Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister

Media Mentions | June 19, 2015 | The Economic Times

Arun Jaitley, India’s Finance Minister, discussed the country’s economic policies and growth in foreign direct investment at a symposium hosted by the Chazen Institute.

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Columbia Business School: An EMBA Smorgasbord

Media Mentions | June 18, 2015 | Poets & Quants

The School’s Executive MBA Program is profiled by Poets and Quants, who also sat down with Assistant Dean Kelley Martin Blanco ’02.

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The Top MBAs Name Their Favorite Business School Professors

Media Mentions | June 18, 2015 | Poets and Quants

George Wilson ’15 names Professor David Juran as his favorite business school teacher for his knowledge of how to make a complex, and at times, dry subject very entertaining and applicable to everyday life.

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Is the Fed Stuck in a Box?

Media Mentions | June 17, 2015 | CNBC TV

Dean Glenn Hubbard discusses the Fed’s monetary policy and its potentially dangerous effects on the economy.

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How to Make Online Dating Work

Media Mentions | June 14, 2015 | The New York Times

Research by Professor Sheena Iyengar compares shopper buying habits to online dating when given many options.

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