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Employees Missing Deadlines? Pile on the Assignments

Media Mentions | June 13, 2014 | Strategy + Business

Prof. Keith Wilcox’s research upends conventional wisdom by showing that busier employees are more productive and more likely to meet deadlines than employees with lighter workloads.

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Elevator Pitch: An Above-Average Digitization Concept?

Media Mentions | June 13, 2014 | Fox Business

Allison Strouse ’14 pitches Yarly, a venture that seeks to streamline and personalize the process of photo digitization, to a panel of Risk & Reward judges.

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Building the Network for Women’s Business Success

Media Mentions | June 13, 2014 | QS Top MBA

Prof. Katherine Phillips, Lauren Brom ’14, and Jennifer McCaleb ’14 share their findings on how business schools can attract women to MBA programs, empower them to reach their full leadership potential, and provide a welcoming and inclusive environment to all students.

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Don’t Call It a Hedge Fund

Media Mentions | June 13, 2014 | Financial Post

Prof. Michael Weinberg says it’s difficult to understand when “hedge fund” became a pejorative term, but that for many, “investment partner” is now the preferable, if euphemistic, term.

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Enough about Introverts: Mastering the Way to Work with Extroverts

Media Mentions | June 12, 2014 | Fast Company

Heidi Grant Halvorson, associate director of the Motivation Science Center, says that it is best to encourage and praise extroverts by focusing on the process, because “if being successful means you are a ‘natural,’ then it’s easy to conclude when you’re having a hard time that you just don’t have what it takes.”

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The One Change That Could Make HR Departments More Effective

Media Mentions | June 12, 2014 | The Wall Street Journal

Prof. Rita McGrath says that the most effective HR personnel have had leadership or management experience themselves and can use this knowledge to identify opportunities for improving the organization and foster the engagement and retention of critical people.

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Raining? Twitter Wants to Help Sell You an Umbrella

Media Mentions | June 12, 2014 | Marketplace Radio

Prof. Oded Netzer says that marketers are now focusing less on varying their advertising for different groups of people and more on varying their advertising for different environmental conditions such as weather.

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6 Social Media Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Media Mentions | June 11, 2014 |

Prof. Olivier Toubia says that companies should form a clear social media strategy and focus on quality over quantity when it comes to creating a social media presence and drawing an audience.

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Incubating Impact: Why a New York City Program's Pairing MBAs and Social Enterprise

Media Mentions | June 11, 2014 | Forbes

Nell Debevoise ’12 and Yael Silverstein ’13 founded Inspire Impact, a 10–week program that pairs MBA students with nonprofits and for–profit mission–driven companies, provides a business advisory service and a competitive boost to social enterprise.

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What Elite Universities Can Learn from High Fashion

Media Mentions | June 11, 2014 | Marketplace Radio

Prof. Mark Cohen says that elite universities, like high–fashion designers, must find a way to reach more people while still retaining their status of exclusivity and without diluting their brand.

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