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A New Look at Culture and Its Influence on Individuals and Organizations

Press Release | February 24, 2015

New research from Columbia Business School professor introduces “Polyculturalism” 

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When It Comes to an Opening Number, Sometimes the Best Bargaining Move Is to Offer Two

Press Release | February 17, 2015

New research from Columbia Business School challenges the conventional wisdom offered by a generation of negotiation scholars

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Columbia Business School Receives Generous Donation to Establish the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise

Press Release | January 28, 2015

The new center will create a cross-disciplinary epicenter of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship activities at Columbia

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Will Increased Transparency Improve Performance of Central Banks, New Research Asks

Press Release | January 22, 2015

In light of the recent trend for more openness in central banking, economists explore the effects of transparency on the performance of monetary policymakers

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New Research Reveals the Power of Hierarchy in High-Pressure Situations

Press Release | January 20, 2015

First-of-its-kind analysis of more than 5,000 mountain-climbing expeditions to show how hierarchical cultural values can predict success and fatality rates

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Overwhelmed with Your Retirement Portfolio? Paying Less Attention Now May Pay off in Larger Returns in the Future

Press Release | January 07, 2015

New Research from Columbia Business School Shows that It May Benefit You to Check Your Retirement Portfolio Less Often

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Debunking Aging Myths in Financial Decisions

Press Release | December 22, 2014

New research shows cognitive aging does not spell doom for financial decision-making

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One Extra Day in the Hospital Cuts Readmission Rates and Reduces Patient Deaths

Press Release | October 28, 2014

Columbia Business School research shows a 22 percent drop in pneumonia deaths and a 7 percent decline in readmissions for heart failure patients

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Columbia Business School to Offer “StreetWise ‘MBA’™” Program to Benefit Small Businesses in Low-Income Areas

Press Release | October 21, 2014

Columbia Business School, Interise, and Citi Partner at the “Intersection of Street Smarts and Higher Education”

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Columbia Business School Professor Predicts How Changes in Banking Laws Could Fuel Emerging Economies of Tomorrow

Press Release | September 25, 2014

New research tracks emerging countries’ economics activity after law changes and finds a boost in access to credit; increase in employment rate; increase in productivity and sales for firms

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