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All in the Family: New Research Explains How Family Members Can Impact an Autism Diagnosis

Finance Press Releases | March 15, 2017

  • Parents are often not the first to identify that their child has a serious condition
  • Frequent interactions with grandparents, especially grandmothers, lowered the age of autism diagnosis by as much as five months in children
  • Older siblings are likely to serve as a reference point for parents, making it easier to establish delays or unusual features in a younger sibling’s development
  • Understanding the causes for delayed or accelerated diagnosis can ultimately improve treatment and outcomes for the child

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Firms in Financial Distress Are Unintentionally Driving Entrepreneurship, says Research from Columbia Business School

Finance Press Releases | March 07, 2017

  • The behavior of companies in financial distress can drive employees to leave & form start-ups
  • When firms pass on risky-yet-potentially-profitable-projects, employees depart and develop those ideas themselves   

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How Can You Avoid Media Hype and Make Smart Investment Choices? Attend Columbia Business School’s News and Finance Conference and Examine the Role of News

Finance Press Releases | February 22, 2017

On March 8, interdisciplinary leaders from academia, business, government, and the media will gather at Columbia Business School’s 2nd Annual News and Finance Conference to explore how media coverage of financial news, rumors, and whispers affect stock market movement.

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Columbia Business School Professor Trevor Harris Named to Financial Accounting Standards Board Advisory Committee

Accounting Press Release | February 22, 2017

Trevor Harris, Arthur J. Samberg Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia Business School, has been named to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)’s Investor Advisory Committee

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Columbia Business School Convenes Industry Brand Leaders for 10th Annual BRITE Conference

Marketing Press Releases | February 21, 2017

The annual BRITE Conference gathers top business leaders from Mondelēz, Hyatt,, SAP, and Google among others, to discuss the future of their respective industries and the consumer and business trends that will influence how strong brands are built and maintained

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Columbia Business School Professor Yash Kanoria Receives Prestigious 2017 National Science Foundation CAREER Award

DRO Press Releases | February 09, 2017

Yash Kanoria was recently awarded a five-year, $500,000 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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Nancy-Ann Deparle and Dr. Scott Gottlieb Join Executives from Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and Novartis to Shape the Future of Healthcare at Columbia Business School  

Press Release | February 09, 2017

The 13th annual conference gathers today’s top healthcare leaders to discuss the dramatic changes underway and how to improve health outcomes

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Failing May be Fundamental to Success, According to Columbia Business School

Press Release | January 25, 2017

NEW YORK— Few companies or organizations are looking to fail when they plot a new strategy.  However, turning a blind eye to the possibility that a strategy may fail can have disastrous consequences. According to Rita McGrath, a professor at Columbia Business School and leading expert on strategy and disruption, there is an “intelligent way of failing” that can leave organizations stronger.

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Research from Columbia Business School Says Harsh Feedback from a Manager May Inspire Creative Thinking

Press Release | January 18, 2017

NEW YORK— Businesses are constantly looking to find ways to motivate their employees. If you've tried a variety of incentives but still haven’t found the secret sauce, then research from Columbia Business School that says criticism is an effective workplace-tool can help stimulate your employees.

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New Programs from Columbia Business School Executive Education Show How Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Data Can Be Used to Drive Business Success

Press Release | January 11, 2017

NEW YORK – If you have been wondering how to be more entrepreneurial at work, how to win that leadership role you’ve coveted, or even how to synthesize the enormous amount of data available when making business decisions, new programs from Columbia Business School Executive Education may help you find answers. These new programs are focused on giving participants the ability to produce fast yet innovative results, solve challenges inherent in contemporary business situations, and stay relevant in the ever-changing world of business.

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