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New Research from Columbia Business School Explains Why There Are So Few Whistle-Blowers

Press Release | October 19, 2016

Topics: Accounting, Business Economics and Public Policy, Corporate Finance, Organizations | Read Article

New Research from Columbia Business School Shows Consumer Desire for Control Impacts Their Appetite Toward New Product Adoption

Press Release | October 11, 2016

Topics: Marketing | Read Article

A New Book from Columbia Business School Professor Explains How Innovative Financing Is Tackling the World’s Most Urgent Problems

Press Release | October 05, 2016

Topics: Social Enterprise | Read Article

New Research Helps Doctors Deliver Bad News to Patients

Press Release | September 29, 2016

Topics: Healthcare | Read Article

Research from Columbia Business School Reveals How to Shorten Emergency Room Wait Time

Press Release | August 30, 2016

Topics: Healthcare, Operations | Read Article

New Research Shows That Even in the For-Profit World, Employees Will Sacrifice Salary for Strong Corporate Social Responsibility

Press Release | August 15, 2016

Topics: Leadership, Organizations, Social Enterprise | Read Article

The Tamer Center For Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School Awards $100,000 in Seed Grants in Spring Round of Funding

Press Release | July 07, 2016

Topics: Social Enterprise | Read Article

New to Investing? Here's How to Get Started

Press Release | May 11, 2016

Topics: Capital Markets and Investments, Strategy | Read Article

Yes, There’s Now Science Behind Naming Your Baby

Press Release | May 11, 2016

New research from Columbia Business School offers insights into the Nature of Baby Naming and Language

Topics: Strategy | Read Article

Columbia Business School Renames Chazen Institute as the Jerome A. Chazen Institute for Global Business

Press Release | April 14, 2016

Topics: World Business | Read Article