The Tamer Center For Social Enterprise At Columbia Business School Awards Seed Grants In Third Round Of Funding

Press Release | December 21, 2016

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Silicon Valley CEOs didn't hide their distaste for Donald Trump. Now comes the reckoning

Media Mentions | December 13, 2016 | The Los Angeles Times

Vincent Ponzo, Senior Director, The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center

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ENTREPRENEURSHIP@ Columbia Business School: CBS Reframes Its Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Media Mentions | November 29, 2016 | Clear Admit

Vincent Ponzo, Senior Director of the Eugene Lang Center for Entrepreneurship

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Too Young To Lead? When Youth Works Against You

Media Mentions | November 11, 2016 | Forbes

Professor Mattan Griffel

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Columbia Business School Presents a Host of New Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Media Mentions | November 11, 2016 | Find MBA

Startup Week at the Eugene Lang Center for Entrepreneurship

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Columbia Business School Announces Inaugural Winners of Entrepreneurial Research Fellowship Awards in Conjunction with Week-Long Celebration of Entrepreneurship

Press Release | November 03, 2016

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Facing Uber and Accessibility Hurdles, Green Taxi Operators Are Seeing Red

Media Mentions | September 25, 2016 | Crain's New York Business

The green “boro taxi” drivers have experienced a decline in revenue due to Uber’s ability to operate as a black car, a loophole that was not identified as a loophole, says Professor Evan Rawley.

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Older Entrepreneurs Take on the ‘Concrete Ceiling’

Media Mentions | September 09, 2016 | The New York Times

Professor Melissa Berman says the concept of social entrepreneurship — an innovative and creative way to meet a social need — can be applied to employment of older people.

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Meet the Startup That Wants to Help Sublet Your Apartment — and Is Totally Legal in New York

Media Mentions | September 03, 2016 | Business Insider

Flip, a platform that allow tenants to list available space and find subletters, founded by Susannah Vila ’15 is profiled.

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Late Stage Startups Trip SEC Rule 701 Long before IPO

Media Mentions | August 02, 2016 | Forbes

Professor Ed Zimmerman co-authors article advising startups to pay attention to the SEC’s Rule 701 enhanced disclosure requirements and provides guidance on how to decipher the rules as well as a compliance roadmap for startups subject to the disclosure obligations.

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