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Are You Seen as a Jerk at Work? A New Study Reveals That Many People Are Oblivious to How They Come across to Counterparts and Colleagues

Press Release | June 30, 2014

Columbia Business School research highlights the disconnect between peoples’ own views and their counterparts’ views of their assertiveness—and the impact it can have on negotiations

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Yoox CEO: ‘I Was Going to Do the Internet in a Beautiful Way’

Media Mentions | June 02, 2014 | Fortune

Yoox founder Federico Marchetti ’99 says that the entrepreneurial education he received at Columbia inspired him to turn his vision of joining the fashion world and the internet into a $605 million business.

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The New Subtle Sexism toward Women in the Workplace

Media Mentions | June 02, 2014 | Fast Company

Prof. Ernesto Reuben’s research finds that men are twice as likely as women to get hired for math–related jobs even when they perform identically to female candidates.

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No Comeback Story for Sears?

Media Mentions | May 27, 2014 | Fox Business

Prof. Mark Cohen says that there is likely no way to remediate the damage done to Sears and that the strategies that CEO Eddie Lampert claims will bring the company back to profitability have no forward viability.

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Ivy League Adcoms: Be Thoughtful & Yourself

Media Mentions | May 24, 2014 | Poets & Quants

Christina Shelby, director of admissions, advises prospective applicants to take a considered and thoughtful approach to their applications, especially pertaining to what they want to gain from their MBA experience.

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Hubbard: Commencement Speaker Debate `Unfortunate'

Media Mentions | May 23, 2014 | Bloomberg TV

Dean Glenn Hubbard says that students should have an opportunity to hear “great voices all over the spectrum at their commencement and throughout their academic experience.”

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Adjunct Faculty Members Recognized for Teaching

School News | May 22, 2014

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Student Startups Road-Test 'Perfect Pitches'

Media Mentions | May 20, 2014 | Crain's New York Business

The School’s winners and runners–up in Crain’s Pitch Perfect competition share the lessons they have learned and progress their startups have made in the last year.

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The Bluster Imbalance

Media Mentions | May 19, 2014 | The Washington Post

Prof. Ernesto Reuben’s research shows that men are more confident in their abilities than women and are more likely to overestimate their own performance.

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Alumni Honored with University Medals

School News | May 19, 2014

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