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Fabrizio Ferri Wins Best Paper Award From John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance

School News | April 03, 2015

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McDonald's Needs to Make 3 Changes to Compete with Chipotle

Media Mentions | March 02, 2015 | Business Insider

Professor Michelle Greenwald says McDonald’s restaurants have a dated feel and doesn’t give you the feeling that you want to go back.

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Whatever Happened to 1980s 'Bizrock' Band, the VPs?

Media Mentions | December 28, 2014 | Forbes

Where are they now look at the musical group, The VPs, comprised of CBS alums which grew out of the School’s Follies show.

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How One Grocery Store Is Modernizing the Honor System

Media Mentions | December 16, 2014 | Entrepreneur

As part of MBAs Across America, a team of Columbia MBAs helped Howard, a small Kansas City grocery store, rethink its business model to expand membership and streamline time-consuming processes.

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Penalise the Banks but Use the Money Well

Media Mentions | November 13, 2014 | Financial Times

Professor Charles Calomiris talks about the lack of transparency in using financial penalties for goodwill.

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We Can Build a Better Climate Solution Today

Media Mentions | November 12, 2014 | The Daily Climate

Professor Elke Weber suggests that simply putting more ambition into the default options guiding many of our decisions can lead to great strides on climate change.

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Think You're Adept at Multi-Tasking? Probably Not

Media Mentions | November 10, 2014 | Inc.

Professor Rita McGrath says what we refer to as “multi-tasking” is actually task-switching in rapid succession and makes a person less productive.

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Let Them Eat Lunch

Media Mentions | November 10, 2014 | Slate

Professor Eric Abrahamson says smaller firms with adjacent offices having a shared cafeteria is a reasonable management innovation, but notes few offices would want to bear the costs of having to coordinate things between disparate parties with disparate interests.

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How One Extra Day in the Hospital Could Move the Needle on Readmissions

Media Mentions | November 07, 2014 | Healthcare Informatics

A new study by Professors Ann Bartel and Carri Chan finds that keeping patients one extra day in the hospital cuts readmission rates and reduces patient deaths.

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Why Some Merchants Say No to Apple Pay

Media Mentions | November 04, 2014 | The Wall Street Journal

Professor Jerry Kim says there’s a simple reason behind why some merchants have chosen not to accept Apple Pay—the desire to lower or avoid interchange fees.

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