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Risk Management

One Extra Day in the Hospital Cuts Readmission Rates and Reduces Patient Deaths

Press Release | October 28, 2014

Columbia Business School research shows a 22 percent drop in pneumonia deaths and a 7 percent decline in readmissions for heart failure patients

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New Research on the Impact of Financial Deregulation Catches the Eye of the Federal Reserve

Press Release | September 24, 2014

Columbia Business School professor spots unforeseen signs of deregulation and will present findings to the Fed during upcoming conference in October

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Humans Don’t Do ‘Future’ Well, and That Could Doom Us if We’re Not Careful

Media Mentions | September 23, 2014 | Reuters

Professor Elke Weber suggests that we, as a society, need a positive vision with clarity on how to deal with more immediate concerns—such as climate change.

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Sears Canada Auction Flop Darkens Outlook

Media Mentions | September 22, 2014 | New York Post

Professor Mark Cohen says Sears Canada’s flopped auction and emergency loan signal a “late-stage death spiral” for both Sears and Sears Canada.

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Another Sign It’s Been a Tough Year for High-Frequency Trading

Media Mentions | September 19, 2014 | MarketWatch

Professor Charles Jones comments on the high-frequency trading market, noting “dramatic changes in the last few years including more compliance, more sophisticated technology, and stiffer competition.”

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Calpers Hedge-Fund Exit Stemmed From Growth Challenge

Media Mentions | September 16, 2014 | Bloomberg TV

Professor Fabio Savoldelli asks Ted Eliopoulos, interim chief investment officer of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, a series of questions about the future of CalPERS and how they intend to maintain positive returns.

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Vanguard to Fight “Tax Dodge” Lawsuit Vigorously

Media Mentions | September 07, 2014 | Financial Times

Professor Robert Willens comments on Vanguard’s alleged tax avoidance and why the IRS might not have raised any questions until now.

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Borrowers Beware! When It Comes to Business Loans and Defaults, Not All State Laws Are Created Equal

Press Release | August 18, 2014

Columbia Business School study finds that New York’s tough contract laws make it the most favorable state for lenders

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New Insights on the Factors That Intensified the 2008 Financial Crisis

Press Release | June 30, 2014

Columbia Business School study says analysts’ concerns about fair value accounting clouded the already murky waters, fueling the crisis

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All-Star Pitchers Will Hate Instant Replay, According to New Research from Columbia Business School

Press Release | March 31, 2014

Columbia Business School Professor Reviews Data of Nearly 800K MLB Pitches and Finds ‘Star-Struck’ Umpires Show Bias in Favor of All-Star Pitchers

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