Social Enterprise

Matthew Levey’s Charter School Quest

Media Mentions | September 11, 2015 | The New York Times

Matthew Levey ’99 efforts to open the International Charter School of New York is chronicled.

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A Changing Climate Threatens Our Productivity and Effectiveness and, Unchecked, Could Lead to an Endless Recession

Media Mentions | August 18, 2015 | The Daily Climate

Professor Geoffrey Heal co-authors byline discussing the correlation between climate change and productivity loss, posing a possible future economic impact equivalent to an endless Great Recession.

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Ten Socially Responsible Startups That Are Changing the Way New York Does Business

Media Mentions | August 11, 2015 | Crain's New York Business

Bloc power, founded by Donnell Baird ’13, is featured as a socially responsible startup changing the way New York does business. Professor Damon Phillips, co-director for the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise, says interest in social entrepreneurship has grown over the past decade.

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Most Discussions on Climate Change Ignore These 10 Basic Facts about Human Nature

Media Mentions | June 14, 2015 | Vox

Professor Elke Webber says people perceive and respond to risk through their emotions more than analyzing the facts.

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8 Investments That Make a Difference

Media Mentions | June 03, 2015 | U.S. News & World Report

Investors should look for compelling financial and ethical stories when seeking socially responsible investments, according to Professor Geoffrey Heal.

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15 Ways to Powerfully Communicate Climate Change Solutions

Media Mentions | May 05, 2015 | The Guardian

Professor Elke Weber says the best way to promote positive climate change action is to communicate effective and credible solutions that cumulate and scale up.

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Damon Phillips to Serve as Co-Director of Tamer Center

School News | April 14, 2015

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Summit on Sustainable Food Sets the Table for Innovation

School News | April 08, 2015

The summit drew roughly 75 attendees and featured keynoter Ethan Brown ’08, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Meat, and four food-expert panelists.

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Donation to Expand Social Enterprise at Columbia

Media Mentions | February 02, 2015 | Poets & Quants

The article features the creation of the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise and includes commentary from Professor Bruce Usher on the significant impact of this landmark gift from Sandra and Tony Tamer. 

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Boston Nonprofit Ceres Stresses Green Effort

Media Mentions | February 01, 2015 | The Boston Globe

Professor Geoff Heal says Ceres, a non-profit environmental advocate, was one of the first to articulate the economic advantage in investing to prevent damage to the environment.

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