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Go-Shop Provisions: Buyer Beware

Media Mentions | July 26, 2015 | The Financial Times

Research by Professors Charles Calomiris and Donna Hitscherich looked at “go-shop” provisions, which allow a company to actively seek other bidders over a 30-45 day period, and found utilizing these provisions does not create additional revenue.

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Why Marketers Should Care about Taste, Touch and Smell

Press Release | July 20, 2015

New research from Columbia Business School shows how the order of sensory cues can influence consumer choice

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Last Chapter Arrives for New York Toy Story FAO Schwarz

Media Mentions | July 18, 2015 | The Telegraph

Professor Rita McGrath observes that although scores of children enjoyed being inside the iconic store, FAO Schwarz failed to monetize it.

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In Strategy Switch, Online Language Learning Leader Ties up with McGraw-Hill Education

Media Mentions | July 15, 2015 | Forbes

Professor Ava Seave explores why McGraw-Hill Education made an equity investment and formed an exclusive marketing arrangement with and what it will mean for both companies.

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How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Media Mentions | July 07, 2015 | The Huffington Post

Entrepreneurs passionately seek new opportunities, pursue them with discipline, and pursue only the best opportunities, says Professor Rita McGrath in her book “The Entrepreneurial Mindset.”

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Top Tips on Applying to Business School

Media Mentions | July 03, 2015 | The Financial Times

Bo Zhang ’17 shares two tips for applying to business school - attain the median GMAT score of your target school and demonstration of an active voluntary role aiding your local community.

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Press Release | June 11, 2015

New research from Columbia Business School reveals the selective beliefs behind torture support

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The 1 Percent Innovation Solution

Media Mentions | June 02, 2015 | Strategy + Business

Professors Bill Duggan and Amy D’Onofrio discuss the importance of separating business strategy from innovation and suggest one percent of a business’ time and activity should be spent on innovation while 99 percent should be spent on strategic planning.

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F. A. O. Schwarz Didn’t Have to Die

Media Mentions | May 28, 2015 | Fortune

Professor Rita McGrath authors op-ed asserting FAO Schwartz held on too long to a losing business model and should have developed revenue streams around providing a truly magical experience like its neighbors American Girl Place and Build-A-Bear.

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Organic Foods: Why They're so Expensive, and Who Owns Your Favorite Brands

Media Mentions | May 20, 2015 | Fortune

Professor Michelle Greenwald says bigger firms are expanding into the organic market due to the industry’s growth, even if it means hedging bets against more traditional food products.

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