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These Are the Shortfalls of the Paris Climate Change Deal

Media Mentions | December 17, 2015 | Fortune

Since the recent Paris Climate Compact agreement will take years to be effective, we can have a faster impact by demanding that global businesses comply with non-financial reporting standards, says Professor Vanessa Burbano.

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HUBBARD: The Year's Largest Takeover Is 'Self-Help Tax Reform'

Media Mentions | December 14, 2015 | Business Insider

Dean Glenn Hubbard reiterates the need for a lower corporate tax rate, saying it would signal an “invest in America” policy at home and abroad that would lead companies to keep more plants, workers, and profits in the United States.

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Will Japan’s Corporate Governance Reform Work?

Media Mentions | November 28, 2015 | Australian Financial Review

Byline by Professor Bruce Greenwald discusses Japan’s new governance code to make corporate companies more transparent and how the code makes Japan more like U.S. corporate governance practices.

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Whom Would You Bring to a Meeting?

Media Mentions | October 18, 2015 | The Financial Times

Bo Zhang ’17 says given the chance to bring anyone in the world to a meeting, he would invite Sir David Tang, KBE, and the founder of China Exchange forum in London because of his acute insights into the west and the Far East and extensive network across Asia and Europe.

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China on Road to New Normal

Media Mentions | October 08, 2015 | China Daily

Dr. Ma Weihua, former president and CEO of China Merchants Bank, keynote address at The Sir Gordon Wu Distinguished Speaker Forum hosted by the Chazen Institute is highlighted.

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India Has the Potential to Become One of the Biggest Creative Exporters for Character Entertainment

Media Mentions | September 22, 2015 | The Economic Times

Professor Sharad Devarajan authors article discussing India’s need for a strong ecosystem to become one of the biggest creative exporters for character entertainment.

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In Central America, Investing for a Greater Good

School News | September 15, 2015

“The way to address social problems is to invest in people,” says Villafuerte.

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The World Has a Bigger Problem than China’s Currency Devaluation

Media Mentions | August 14, 2015 | The Washington Post

Speculation that the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates has led investors to pull money out of global currencies and back the dollar, thereby weakening other currencies, says Professor Amit Khandelwal.

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China’s Walled-Off Market May Still Bleed into the Global Economy

Media Mentions | July 28, 2015 | The Wall Street Journal

China’s stock market turbulence will not directly impact the American economy, says Professor Wei Jiang.

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How to Save Greece

Media Mentions | July 10, 2015 | Politico

Dean Glenn Hubbard and Professor Joseph Stigltiz offer suggestions on how to rescue Greece from debt and save the Eurozone.

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