Congratulations and welcome to CBS! You are about to start an incredible adventure, and we wish you the very best. In the next two years, you will learn more than you ever thought from your professors, your internships, but most of all, your brilliant peers. When I look back at how fast the two years went by, I’m shocked because I felt like I was in your shoes just yesterday—cherish every moment because it just flies by.

My piece of advice is this—take advantage of every opportunity CBS provides you with respect to diverse experiences. This could mean making new friends, traveling to exotic places, or trying new jobs. Being able to access the city with its incredible opportunities and having Fridays off is a huge advantage. I was able to work at a brand strategy agency, intern at several start-ups (as well as starting my own), and consulted for a few PE and hedge funds in just two years. No other school can give you this access, so utilize it!

Finally, the thing I loved most was the camaraderie. You will seriously not find a group of people who are this smart and wonderful who go out of their way to help you. This open culture is true not only of the student body but also its professors and administration as well. There is no other peer school where the Dean would allow, much less support and actively enjoy, the work of a student follies organization that pokes fun at him twice a year in a show and then on YouTube. So, work hard but don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every minute! It will zip by and soon you will be writing the next note before you know it. Also, don’t be shy about reaching out to alums—2013 is a supportive bunch and we’d love to help you in your endeavors.