I had a fantastic time at Orientation. I think I can speak for others when I say that Orientation is not something that I looked forward to… having been through many in the past that were boring and seemed to serve no purpose. 

The CBS Orientation was extremely fun. Our entire cluster grew very close within only five days of knowing each other. Looking back, the amount of ground we covered in such a short time is really amazing. Without the enthusiasm of our peer advisors, this would not have been possible. They collectively lifted our spirits when everyone was fading in the early afternoon or late morning. I am not sure HOW they kept it up for so long, but it was an incredible feat.

Meeting my peers was really great. Preconceived notions about “type A” people I expected to meet were completely unfounded. It is a group of genuinely nice people who are smart, well read, and motivated. I could not be happier with the experience!