I decided to apply for the CaseWorks program because I was drawn to the challenge of breaking down a business problem and figuring out how to write a good story about it. My undergrad coursework had been in the humanities (with an emphasis on writing), and I saw the program as a unique opportunity to get back to my academic “roots” while enhancing my business school experience. I also really liked the idea of helping build the CBS brand by contributing to the School’s body of cases. 

While some of the other fellows had very specific topics they wanted to write about, my interest was more general — I wanted to support a professor who had a real desire to see a case come to fruition and hoped I might have the chance to focus on a business situation in social enterprise or sustainability. I was very fortunate to be paired with Professor Bruce Usher, who had been batting around the idea of a case about a wind farm in Atlantic City and wanted some help getting the concept to paper.

It was wonderful to get one-on-one access to a professor, and, in working through revisions, to come to appreciate the way he envisioned the case playing out in the classroom. I definitely developed a deeper respect for the craft of teaching, and I managed to learn a good deal about the topic at hand (wind energy and project finance). All in all, the experience was one of the most valuable I had while at CBS.