My journey towards my internship started from a career service posting at the School. I saw that I had a connection with a former high school schoolmate who currently worked there and I reached out to her for more information. Not only did she convince me to apply, she evangelized the company and encouraged me to take ownership of my LinkedIn presence. You see, I came from the military. I had served overseas in combat both in Iraq and Afghanistan and, although I had a semester of business school under my belt, I still wasn’t quite sure what personal online branding was. I know a lot more now!

I applied for the job and with the amazing support and encouragement of the campus recruiting team (despite a non-technology company background), I was brought on board for the summer in the Global Sales Operations Team. Right away I had access to all the key influencers and received major responsibility from the start. Like the military experience I had in the past, I felt immediate cohesion. Everyone, from my manager to LinkedIn employees outside my group, gave me the support that I had famously heard so much of here at this company. Even though I might not be as experienced as those who are around me, I know I bring a different set of skills and viewpoints that will help LinkedIn continue their exponential growth.

I’m craving new opportunities and meeting passionate, smart people every day. Thankfully LinkedIn has fed my hunger, both figuratively and literally, hey—free food and Food Truck Fridays are perks I can live with! Now it’s time to roll up the sleeves, get work done, and help the 225 million (and growing) members utilize their profile to find their economic opportunities. The one question still remains: I’m LinkedIn. Are you?