CBS Lion at Kruger


As the first portion of our Chazen Study Tour adventure here in South Africa, the six-hour drive to Kruger National Park represented a daunting first hurdle. On the morning of January 10,  aproximately 35 bleary-eyed, jet-lagged Columbia MBAs boarded two cramped shuttle buses (fully equipped with rather precarious luggage trolleys) and headed north to the province of Mpumalanga.

Kruger did not disappoint.

In fact, it exceeded all expectations. We saw an unbelievable amount of game, including the “Big Five”—hippos, lions, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos (author’s note: I am admittedly bitter that I rode in the safari vehicle that did not come across a rhino). Highlights included several sightings of leopards, giraffes, and the king of the jungle (and mascot of Columbia). One male lion even serenaded us.