“Buying a puppy is much more fun than having to drown it later.”– Professor Greenwald

This was just one of the nuggets of knowledge dropped on the attendees of a recent Th+nkCBS. Despite an Elective Fair popping up at the same time, Th+nkCBS managed to pack Uris 142 to the brim once again, and the lineup of professors brought the house down.

Th+nkCBS was developed last year by I+CBS, the Innovation and Creativity in Business Society, as a way for students to have exposure to professors outside the classroom while keep academics front and center. Th+nkCBS is a professor flash-lecture series, with each professor speaking for 15 minutes about a topic of interest, their current research, or expanding on a class concept. Throw in a metric ton of Chinese food for lunch (thanks, GBA!), and you have yourself a pretty amazing event.

Professors Laurie Hodrick, Jerry Kim, Cliff Cramer, and Bruce Greenwald covered a variety of topics in front of an audience that included sightings of Dean Nayla Bahri and Professor Jick. Professor Laurie Hodrick talked about Apple’s cash holdings and why companies hold cash (Did you know: keeping cash “abroad” is not the same thing has having cash “overseas?"), while Professor Jerry Kim talked about umpire biases in baseball. Are umpires swayed by All-Star players when making a call? (Spoiler: Yes. Yes, they totally are.) Professor Cramer spoke about CBS’s healthcare program and Professor Greenwald talked about puppies and the secret to profitable growth.