Over the past few months, I've done 46 informational interviews. I would have set up a whole bunch more—in my head, I thought maybe I could get all the way to 100 by the end of the summer—but I just accepted a job offer, so I'm taking a break. Everyone I met was friendly, most were helpful, and it didn't seem to matter much if the connection was pretty weak, as in five degrees removed from a CBS alum who I only met once. People seemed happy to talk about themselves, happy to give me advice, and happy that a Columbia MBA wanted to work in the nonprofit sector.

The same week I accepted the offer, I was contacted about interviews for three other jobs, two of which I definitely would not have gotten without all the informational interviews.

My takeaways:
1. Meeting strangers can be kinda awesome.
2. That stuff they say about how networking works is, apparently, accurate.
3. People will think you're smart if your resume includes Columbia Business School.