Tim Gibson-Tullberg
Managing Director and Global Head of PWM Practice, Sheffield Hawoth 


Tim Gibson-Tullberg joined Sheffield Haworth in 2013 following the acquisition of his boutique businesses in the UK and Southeast Asia. He is based in Singapore, where he heads the Southeast Asia office and leads the global wealth management specialist staff across all markets. The company has a very strong financial markets practice across all continents and unrivaled access to C-suite contacts and board direction.

Mr. Gibson-Tullberg has more than 14 years of executive search experience with a strong private wealth focus, building several businesses from scratch. He judges various wealth industry awards, consults on M&A within the wealth market, and is a contributor to various journals.

He has lived in 12 countries and has a highly international outlook stemming from his 20 years as an officer in the British Army. He is married with five children and resides in Thailand, commuting weekly to Singapore.