Former President
Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd.

Jun Tang joined Microsoft Corporation in 1994 in the Windows NT group. As group product manager, Jung Tang managed the development and release of the Far East versions of Windows NT, which included Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Jun Tang was assigned to set up a Microsoft global technology center in Shanghai, China in 1997 and then promoted to president of Microsoft (China) in 2002. During his 10 years service at Microsoft, Jun Tang twice received Microsoft’s top award, the “Bill Gates Award” and top management award. Microsoft also named Jun Tang honorary president of Microsoft (China), the first in Microsoft history.

Jun Tang joined Shanda as president in 2004 and successfully helped Shanda with its initial public offering (IPO) on NASDAQ. Jun Tang is referred to as the No. 1 CEO in China with his professional career achievements at both Microsoft and Shanda.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Jun Tang founded Intertex Company in the area of games and multimedia applications development in Los Angeles, California in 1993. He also founded Wicresoft Corporation in IT service in China, a joint venture with Microsoft and the Shanghai Government in 2002.

Jun Tang has received many awards in China, including top 10 business leaders, top 10 people of science and technology, top 10 executives, top 10 influential business persons of China, and top 10 Chinese future leaders by BBC and People of the Year in Asia by CNN.

Jun Tang serves as a professor at Beijing University and the University of Texas at Arlington. He is also an advisor to the Chinese government in the technology sector.



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